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Don’t miss this! – Secondary Geography Networks 2023-24

Don’t miss this! – Secondary Geography Networks 2023-24

by Hannah Richardson -
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The primary aims of the subject network meetings are to:

  • Ensure a clear understanding of the national picture and its application in local and school contexts. 
  • Support effective subject leadership as appropriate to each school’s individual context. 
  • Develop skills, expertise, and capacity within school subject leaders and their teams through quality strategic CPD and the sharing of good practice. 
  • Deepen understanding of subject specific pedagogy and knowledge that underpins good progress and attainment for ALL pupils. 
  • Facilitate school to school networking and develop strength across the system.


Date: 22 February 2024
Keyword Search: Secondary Spring Geography  
Price: Sub £75 / SLA £40 / Full £90

The Spring network meeting will be hosted by the Ordnance Survey. The day will consist of a hands-on workshop as well as presentations. All four exam boards will be in attendance. Not to be missed!


Date: 19 June 2024 
Keyword Search: Secondary Summer Geography  
Price: Sub £75 / SLA £40 / Full £90 

Secondary Geography Networks 2023-24 flyer