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In Moodle+ you will find a range of resources to support the creation, development and improvement of geography in primary and secondary schools. It is our job to provide learners with the opportunity to become successful geographers and they can only do this with the support of their teachers of geography. Geography is a dynamic, relevant and fascinating subject when taught well and the resources in Moodle+ aim to help you teach enjoyable geography that allows learners to progress their skills, knowledge and understanding.

The resources will be added on a half termly basis and will include strategies to support learners, teaching ideas, strategies to develop leadership and up to date links to geography and geographers on the internet and in the news.

In Moodle+ Preview there are some samples of resources to give an indication of what the full document includes in Moodle+.

Please click on the hyperlinks below to view the samples.


The National Curriculum interpreted

  • An explanation of the headings in the curriculum
  • An  interpretation of the KS1 and KS2 requirements including the aim of each element and some teaching ideas

Leading geography

  • A step by step guide to help a geography leader to get started with their leadership role.
  • A step by step guide to support an experienced geography leader check the robustness of geography in their school

Geography enquiry approach

  • An enquiry wheel to support short and medium term planning
  • A five stage wheel to guide teachers’ thinking when planning geography lessons to make them support children to think and behave geographically


Preparing for exams

  • A thought provoking piece pertaining to preparing students for exams: subject expert to exam ninja; and effective decision makers

Using KS3 effectively to prepare students for KS4

  • Ideas for how to use the new GCSE structure and areas of emphasis to create a robust and rigorous KS3

Literacy strategy

  • The layers of literacy in geography and the scope of each for pupils

Local area

  • This resource contains homework ideas linked to a place study on the local area. Each month more KS3 homework ideas will be added to Moodle+.

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